Salesman Agreement

1. Advertising site. The contractor has the right to place the company`s advertising [company name] on its website. The contractor will not take any guarantees, guarantees, declarations or agreements that do not correspond to the terms of this agreement or the information contained on the entity`s website. By signing below, employers and representatives agree to enter into this sales commission agreement and to accept the terms outlined below. The sales commission agreement authorizes the agent to sell goods or services on behalf of the employer. These rights are neither transferable nor exclusive. The seller agrees to compensate the company for claims, losses, lawsuits, responsibilities or judgments incurred by the company resulting from the use of offers, estimates, proposals or materials created or executed by the Seller, or on the seller`s instruction, which have been substantially altered by advertisers, publishers, radios, radio and television programs, citations, certificates, print journalism or other third-party companies. The seller undertakes to obtain and/or maintain an appropriate policy or liability policy for the duration of the agreement at the seller`s expense, with a minimum limit on insurance coverage, the company being designated as insured and the beneficiary of additional losses in accordance with these policies or policies.

In the event of a dispute, procedure or appeal against the company, or in the case of legal action against an offer, estimate, proposal, promise or promotional or marketing service prepared by the seller, the seller will help prepare the defense of such action and will cooperate with the company. The company recognizes that the seller is not responsible for the company`s results from a sale, estimate, proposal, offer, creativity, advertising, programs, ideas or execution. There are many important objectives of the use of the distribution agreement and this agreement presents benefits for the employer and the worker. As a company, you must complete this agreement to define what you expect from your sales agents and how they must carry out their duties and responsibilities. The agreement also helps employers control their workers with non-competition clauses and confidentiality conditions. This means that a sales agent who wishes to leave the company will not disclose secrets and business information with other companies.

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