The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement Geneva 14 November 1963

The “real” treaty stipulates that an agreement has been reached between sovereign nations, the President of the United States and the President of Indonesia as a “treaty” between sovereign nations, the assets of international guarantee accounts combined in accordance with the treaties and is called “treaty” … (many contracts called) ……. and are kept in the custody of Indonesia, are kept on ……… (Name of place in the United States) ……… and used by the United States to support the international currency of the split U.S. dollar. Note that the content of the contract actually contains several other issues, but the above is the main problem.¬† “Recently, a document called the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement caused a stir in cyberspace. This mysterious document mentions that the United States owes Indonesia 57,000 tons of gold. Even mentioned that the document is what the CIA overthrew President Sukarno. But let`s not look too far ahead. Because there are good reasons to say that this document is in fact false documents” Bila The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement di Jenewa Swiss pada 14 November 1963 itu benar adanya, Kennedy pastilah ada di Jenewa pada 14 November 1963. Ternyata, Situs John F Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum menyatakan lain.

Pada 14. November 1963, Kennedy menggelar jumpa pers di Auditorium Departemen Luar Negeri AS, Washington, DC. “The Green Hilton Agreement was not implemented until 1968, after Suharto was appointed President of Indonesia” “Green Hilton Memorial Agreement” in Geneva, Switzerland, on November 14, 1963″ “Bung Karno dan Kennedy pernah bertemu, yang dibicarakan soal dukungan AS untuk pengembalian Irian Barat dengan imbal balas pembebasan Allen Pope (pilot) yang ditangkap TNI AU dalamus PRRI Permesta,” tutur Asvi.

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