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Courses taught at a regionally accredited university or university designated by that institution as appropriate for the bachelor`s degree credit are accepted by San Diego State University for transfer admission. This program contains information on how these transferable courses can be used to meet certain SDSU course requirements. Go to for the latest transmission information, including statistical information. Students must have completed at least one TRANSFERable ENGL and MATH course by the end of summer 2020 (the individual UC TAG criteria for ENGL and MATH diploma may vary). In this program, only those that have been verified by SDSU are displayed. This is not a complete list of transferable courses. This program is available to help you identify the courses needed to meet the transfer authorization requirements for the SDSU. It contains information on transfer courses that can be used to meet general education requirements and to prepare for the major. It can also be used to help you identify individual courses that match the courses offered by SDSU. The planner helps students track their progress in meeting the minimum requirements of the UC and allows UC employees to pass on important information to future transfer students. By the end of the fall 2020 semester before the transfer, you must: UC TAP is a free online tool to help future UC transfer students to follow and plan their course work. Complete all remaining course and AMP requirements, as described in the TAG agreement.

For majors without screening criteria for transfer students, please visit our Non-Screening Majors page. The UC TAP tool was designed for students who move from California community colleges, including students looking for an Admission Guarantee (TAG) transfer with one of the six participating UC campuses. UCLA is committed to a pro-transfer institution. Strong academic preparation and performance make you a more competitive candidate during the entrance exam process. The average GPA of transfer students is greater than 3.5 and accredited students have completed most or all important preparatory courses. We have a top priority for applicants from California university colleges and other UC campuses. UCLA only allows students for the fall term. Students can use the transfer admission planner to enter their course work (completed and planned) from the beginning of their academic career to any time they decide to move to a UC campus. The last school you attend before the transfer must be a California community college (you may have attended colleges or universities outside the University of California system, including institutions outside the United States before your last term). Starting your training at a community college is a great way to get a university degree. Uc Santa Cruz is proud of its close ties with California community colleges, and together we have developed a program to ensure admission to UCSC and assist students in their transfer process.

A Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) is a formal agreement that guarantees the fall approval in your proposed major. Applicants from California community colleges should use this guide in conjunction with ASSIST to determine the specific courses you need to take at your university.

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