Vsas Affiliation Agreement

It is essential that you turn to an institution that has a partnership agreement with Vanderbilt. Here is a list of more than 150 institutions with which Vanderbilt has entered into an accession agreement. When planning an outdoor rotation (either a clinical choice rotation or a primary care rotation), students choose from this list of institutions. If the Institute participates in VSAS, no separate affiliation agreement is required. Within the School of Medicine, the CFO is responsible for assisting the Partner Dean for Undergraduate Clinical Education in implementing these agreements and ensuring that membership procedures and guidelines are followed. Click here for a list of permissions and documents required. If the requirements indicate that you need to download a document, you must do so, even if the item is verified by your registrar in VSAS. The University of Kentucky College of Medicine must also have a membership agreement with your school that allows students at your school to perform clinical rotations at the UK College of Medicine. Once you have applied, we will begin to establish a membership agreement with your school. If the contract is not yet completed at the time of your rotation, your rotation will be cancelled.

Our goal is to avoid the unnecessary time and resources that are currently spent on negotiating (and renegotiating) agreements if a coherent and predictable approach is sufficient. The AAMC Uniforme Clinical Training Agreement is a simple and consistent agreement located on the AAMC site. If the institution does not participate in the VSAS, the student must complete the form of the voting agreement s. 4th year. The planning coordinator will receive the form and verify that there is a membership agreement for the requested clinical site. The Duke University School of Medicine requires an approved affiliation agreement with your home institution to allow participation in the medical program and must be approved before enrolling in the hospitality medical program. All applications for this agreement must be submitted by e-mail by an appropriate representative of the home school to Scott Campbell Visiting Student Coordinator, Office of the Registrar, scott.campbell@dm.duke.edu.

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